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About Us

Having a good roof is essential to having a reliable home, and here at El Cajon Roofing, we understand that.

Whether you're in need of roof repair, roof replacement, or other roofing services, we've got your back.

Not only do we do residential work, but we also complete commercial jobs.

There's a lot of important factors that go into getting a roof completed, that's why our team is built up of experts, all of which are experienced and skilled with getting roofing jobs completed.

Feel free to give El Cajon Roofing a call today, you won't be disappointed.


Man who is repairing a roof

Roof Repair

Providing Roof Repair for leaked or damaged roofs is one of the many services El Cajon roofing offers. Whether you need shingles repaired, holes fixed, or leaks patched we've got you covered.

Roof Replacement

There comes a time in every roofs life where it needs to be replaced. And it's no small job, replacing a roof can be a big project if it's for your house, which is why you want the best in the industry to work on it.

Chimney getting repaired

Chimney Repair

Our company also provides Chimney repairing, flashing, and re-pointing services. And if your chimney is beyond repair or maybe you just want a new one, then we can do it for you.

Attic Ventilation

To stop your walls from premature aging caused by the moisture in the winter and from storing heat in the walls, El Cajon roofing provides a vast range of ventilation products as well as installations.

Torched Down Roofing

Using materials like PVC or modified Bitumen, we are able to torch down your roof, making it water-resistance.

Flat Roof installation

Our skilled roofers can install or replace your current roof and give you a flat one that you'll be able to go on top of and enjoy.

Saggy Roofs

If you noticed that your roof absorbs water and has a soggy look, then it’s time to repair it. We have trained workers that are prepared to fix this problem easily and at an affordable rate.

Commercial and Residential

We offer all of our services to both commercial and residential clients. Whether your building is big or small, El Cajon Roofing can do it all. 

More About El Cajon Roofing

Having a leaking roof, an attic without ventilation, or even just a damaged look to your overall roof is something that bothers almost every home owner. And if it's bothering you, we can fix it. El Cajon Roofing offers all of these roofing services and more!

We're here to provide you with a strong and beautiful roof, all while keeping the price under your budget. We are pleased to serve you in an affordable budget with no compromise on quality. And with our company staying up to date with all of the new and improved methods, there's no one better to do your roofing job in El Cajon.

El Cajon Roofing offers several services, and with that we use the best materials on hand. We use the best, because we are the best.

Maybe you're not convinced to call us, why should you?

Because of our expertise, our customer care, our high quality services, and affordable offers, we can provide you with an amazing roofing experience. Not only do we offer quality but also affordability. So give us a call today or get an Instant Free Quote.